About Hywel

HYWEL GRIFFITHS is the Managing Director and founder of APD RESOLUTIONS LTD (www.apdresolutions.com) and co-Director and co-founder of BUSINESS GROWTH SOLUTIONS (INTERNATIONAL) LTD (www.bgrowth.solutions).

Hywel’s companies help small; medium enterprises grow and reach their business objectives. Hywel works as a Non-Executive Director helping businesses to work on their growth strategy through conducting a foundational analysis and allowing the executive boards of companies to concentrate on the business.

Hywel has over 40 years of experience working in industries such as oil & gas; education; communication; medical; training; IT; business development and consulting; and led projects in functions such as quality assurance; research and development; HR and Personnel; Support Services; Education and Training. Hywel is a Member of the Institute of Training and Development and Institute of Directors. Hywel has worked on small and large projects valued up to millions of dollars and presented to many multi-national CEOs; becoming an experienced and trusted corporate and personal advisor, coach, mentor and pubic keynote speaker. Over the years, Hywel has become regarded as an expert on the foundational analysis stage of departments and companies which has helped companies grow and develop; and on project management and business planning which has resulted in establishing the successful APD Model.

Currently; Hywel works with a dozen local companies as a Non-Executive Director in a multitude of industries – IT; Trades; Health&Safety; Education; Training; Event Management and the Motor Trade.

Hywel’s vision is to empower as many people as possible with the skills and knowledge to develop and grow as INDIVIDUALS and to grow the BUSINESS OF THEIR DREAMS.

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