APD Model

A specially developed 1 day course aimed at equipping employees with the fundamental knowledge of the APD model and how to use the model as a successful project management tool for all project planning.

The course contents includes:

Session 1: introduction to project management and APD model
Session 2: step 1 – overview and objectives
Session 3: step 2 – current status
Session 4: step 3 – preferred reality status
Session 5: step 4 – activity and strategic planning

Session 6: step 5 – short term activities plan
Session 7: step 6 – medium term activities plan
Session 8: step 7- long term activities plan
Session 9: step 8 – accountability report and strategy
Session 10: summary and overview

Cost of the programme:

1 day course at daily rate of £500 (excluding manual purchase per person)
Miminim 6 attendees; maximum 12 attendees.

Session timings at discretion of client – start time 9.30; finish time 3.30.
Location/venue at discretion of client.

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