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Hywel is an extremely dedicated professional that I met while working as a Change Management Consultant within Saudi Aramco. He was working within the same group and although he was assigned to different projects I had frequent contacts with him in areas were our duties overlapped. I was always impressed with his professionalism, enthusiasm and commitment to get the job done.

He could always be counted on to support the entire group’s effort even when he had other commitments to deliver. I enjoyed working him and I am certain that every venture he is involved with will be a success.

TOM BARTRIDGE. Executive Director, HR at Eagle Hills, Abu Dhabi

Over the years I have worked with many business consultants. They were all long on theory but short on practical application. Hywel (the solution man) Griffiths is different. Long on both theory and application he has recently produced and driven through a crucially important business project for us here at Ingol Village Golf Club.

I am therefore delighted to write these few words and to encourage anyone looking to improve their business to get in touch with Hywel right away. You will find he has a very strong grip on the reality of the situation and will come up with the right solution for you.

JOHN WRIGHT – Co Owner, Ingol Village Golf Club

I have worked with Hywel for the past year and have found his work to be highly professional. He cares about the transfer of learning to his class participants and works at ensuring the participants’ apply the learning from the class.

TOM HOGAN. Management Trainer at Saudi Aramco.

Hywel is a huge asset to any organisation. He is totally reliable and adds value in everything he does. He is a winner in every sense of the word and will tackle any challenge with his wide ranging skills to bring about significant results across the board. Nothing beats Hywel.

HARRY WRIGHT. Global Marketing Director at DIGITAL-COIN DIRECT

Hywel is an outstanding individual in the field of training & change management. I had the pleasure of working with him at Saudi Aramco where he demonstrated exceptional knowledge of training and change management principles on numerous SAP implementation projects. His team player attitude and people skills make him an enjoyable person to work with. I recommend him for any future position.

ROWAN TEH Enterprise Solutions Manager, Frucor Beverages Ltd.

Hywel was a pleasure to work with. He was the Change Manager on the project whilst I manged the training element of the project. We worked very closely and his enthuasm, experience and skillset created the dynamic for a successful implementation. I would recommend him to any company. His ability to very quickly develop a great rapport with the client was first class.

CONOR McGARRITY. SAP Business Analyst at Glanbia

I have worked with Hywel on numerous projects in different areas and he always brings his best attributes: organisation, communication and drive.

He has a vast knowledge in Project Management and it’s a treat to learn from him as he is open and always shares his experiences and knowledge. I would recommend him to any team.

CHERI SANER. Chemicals VP Planning Staff Creative Specialist at Saudi Aramco

Wow… when you capture what we discussed and agreed, I’m amazed we got through so much. Thank you!

I will complete as much as possible of the business and marketing plan and come back with how I’m doing with the other activities.

See you on Thursday and again thank you for giving me the confidence to be the business woman I know I am and need to be to make my business a success.


I have had the opportunity to work with Hywel at the Aramco Industrial Security Training Centre (ISTC) in Dhahran in my capacity as a Senior Industrial Skills Trainer. Hywel is the supervisor of the instructor team. He is an excellent communicator with his team. He clearly relays our management’s focus and follows up to ensure compliance. He is a detail oriented project manager. His ability to schedule and set goals, which achievements can then be measured and reported on is strong.

Hywel always come to work with a contagious positive attitude and daily meets and encourages his team to deliver their best work. He has strong diplomatic skills and sensitivity to multi-cultural work environments.

He always displays ethical and high integrity qualities as an example to all who work with him. I recommend Hywel for any team supervision or project management that needs a strong experienced leader.


With Hywel as my Business Coach I have changed my leadership approach to decisions within my business. Hywel has developed a tried and tested Business Model that enabled me to understand the structure of my business and the foundation it is built on ensuring all the key elements are in place in order to sustain it’s growth.

I needed to make some difficult decisions regarding my business and it’s direction and with Hywel’s guidance and advice it became an easy transition.

When meeting Hywel my aim was to take my business to the next level with the assistance of a Business Coach… I am now on that path but I now have a friend as well as a coach guiding me!


Hywel is a very approachable and likeable professional. He is clearly highly knowledgeable in his field of expertise and has an impressive range of experience.

The model he uses to help with business structure and organisation has impressed me. He is also an engaging public speaker. I would certainly refer clients to Hywel where they are looking for support within their business structure and organisation.


I worked at DDS, which became Sword DDS and was responsible for winning new SAP Training & Education Projects. Hywel was an excellent team leader and was extremely approachable, and demonstrated excellent Project Management skills. Was sorry to see him leave, as good PM’s in the SAP world are not easy to hold onto as we found out.


Hywel is a man of integrity and hard work. I highly recommend Hywel.

JEREMY CARLSON. Sr. Process Implementation Specialist at Cargill

Hywel is an excellent communicator with his team. He clearly relays our Management’s focus and follows up to ensure compliance. He is a detail oriented project manager.

JAMES SELLERS. Regional Sales Director for Middle East.

I have worked with Hywel for the past year and have found his work to be highly professional. He cares about the transfer of learning to his class participants and works at ensuring the participants’ apply the learning from the class.


Very interactive; knowledgeable; lovely stories that relate to the subject. Hywel gets people involved in the subject and relates the subject (Time Management) to real business (your own) and your own experiences in life to make this real.

DANNY GRIFFITHS; MD Myrddin Consultancy Ltd

Great workshop; lightbulb moments and actions to take away. Would have liked some diary planning ‘day-to-day’. Knowledgeable; interactive; informative and Fun.


Hywel is a living legend. He has changed my business and my life. Hywel has changed my business and my life with his communication and personality. Thank you.

STEVEN LOGAN; The Business Facilitator

Very informative; gives you the tools required to achieve your goals. Very nice man who created a very good fun environment in which to learn.


Useful tools to manage time better and to become more efficient. a professional and personal approach.


Everyone should do this; thought it was just me. Delivered in a clear way which was easy to understand.


Hywel showed the importance of clearly setting goals and time frames. The subject matter was covered in an easy way to understand.

MICHAEL ALDER; MD Fused Health and Safety

I have spent the last 15 years not having to manage my time as a paramedic. I now realise the importance of Time Management. Hywel talks in simple terms; even for someone with business acumen who is extremely knowledgeable and experienced.

PAUL RICHARDSON; Pandamedicare Ltd

Well presented; good pace of delivery; alerted me to a lot of improvements. Hywel is dynamic; motivational and inspirational. The course has reinforced the knowledge to improve.


It has not only talked about how to go about managing your time; but provides practical activities that are specific to you and your business to put into practice. Hywel is incredibly supportive and understanding. He gets inside your business and creates pathways to meet your goals in a realistic manner.

ANTHEA THOMAS; CEO Changing Events

Very insightful regarding planning my week at the start of the week. A superb person and I love working with you Hywel.

LEE CLEASBY; MD TFR and Co-Director and Founder BGrowth Solutions

I found the information very insightful and can see how by changing some simple things/habits I can dramatically improve my quality of life. Hywel is very knowledgeable on Time Management and made the learning/delivery of information fun.


Hywel is a wealth of knowledge and a very credible and experienced coach and trainer. Hywel has the foundations you should use to ensure your business starts and maintains profitability…

Hywel provides lots of content that is easy to follow material, which inspires you to take action. Hywel has certainly helped me to focus on what is important, and I very grateful for his influence…

I have seen Hywel present programmes, and coaching sessions and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to business owners and managers who are looking to stabilise and develop their business


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