English is a Language that is used all over the world. APD GOLD (Global Online Language Development) is the opportunity to be involved in learning the language to become fluent enough to learn how to run your business. The APD GOLD business model includes online modules and coursework material; group webinars and individual 1-2-1s if required.

  • APD GOLD has 2 levels – Level 1 being ENGLISH FOR BEGINNERS TO INTERMEDIATE and level 2
    being ENGLISH FOR BUSINESS. With APD GOLD Level 1 you will cover the core skills (grammar; vocabulary; pronunciation; listening;
    speaking; reading and writing) for 12 weeks and will be able to:
    Practice required vocabulary through exercises and online with other learners
  • Practice grammar requirements through exercises and online with other learners
  • Use simple exercises to help you be understood and to understand
  • Practice writing through the medium of English both personal and for business
  • Invest in the online library throughout the course to listen to completed webinars and learn from
    previous group work.
  • Be aware of the many certification options available for English language learners.
    With APD GOLD Level 2 you will already be proficient in the English language and wish to know how to use
    this proficiency to work in business globally. The course is for 12 weeks and after completion you will be able
  • Build your company image; vision and mission
  • You will be able to set your company goals and develop your business and budget plan
  • You will be able to develop your marketing strategy and plan
  • You will be able to complete your financial strategy
    You will be able to use social media communication to support the growth of your business.
    Cost of the programmes (to include welcome video; 1-2-1 analysis with APD TEFL expert; closed social
    media group; access to required online materials daily; webinars twice a week; access to all archived
    material daily while a student):
    APD GOLD Level 1 £50/month for 3 months
    APD GOLD Level 2 £75/month for 3 months.

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